International Policy

The School of Design and Art Llotja, for more than 10 years, has been emphasizing contact with foreign institutions and companies, making artistic and professional learning more fluid between training and work especially within the European Union.

Each year, renowned Spanish and European professionals are invited to get involved in the School activities and in the training of students through conferences, seminars, work presentations and / or exhibitions. The outward projection of all the diferent subjects and languages that are developed in the School allows us to maintain and consolidate our active presence of students in the european community setting.

Through exchanges with other schools and professionals, our students face their future presenting their work in institutional and private spaces as the Marketplace of Ideas, Futur excel · lent, in shows such as The Brandery, 080 Barcelona Fashion, Comic, Arts libris, IKAS-ART, Siege, BDW, OffBarcelona, SWAB, WHO'S NEXT READY-tO-WEAR, Paris, Festival international de l'affiche et du graphisme of Chaumont, Krakow Emalia, etc..

We participate each year in national and international projects for the best prepared students in order to encourage healthy competition dynamics and professional challenges.

Complementary studies abroad are a key part of a higher school program as Llotja and aim the exchange of ideas and ways of being in the different countries that configure Europe and the rest of the world. For this to take place, we make explanatory talks on the partner institutions, as well as conferences that give a frame of reference for studies in other centers abroad (Willlam Penney Ulster University, Belfast, Penny Sparke, Kingston University, London, Haegele Rainer Rossenheim University of Germany, Mabel Palacin Milan, Claire Challande of SEPR, Lyon, France.)

The partner schools exchange is performed with specific programs but also cooperation agreements with concerted projects. The students of these schools are always welcome and they are offered a wide range of subjects and possibilities to perform their academic projects.

So far, Llotja School has worked with schools in Finland, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Argentina and Mexico.

The system for making contacts with our partners is based on the interest of the courses taught and their similarity with ours. Our center has a varied offer, so we must look for collaborating centers covering the wide spectrum that ranges from the Design to the Visual Arts. In some case, we made contact travel, for finishing the agreement.

We also consider the capabilities of our students about the languages that are required. To the extent of our possibilities, we provide intensive courses for students who are going to study abroad. For incoming students, we provide listings of schools to enhance the Spanish and Catalan language, and the Host Committee, composed of teachers and students of the school, is their most direct interlocutor.

Through our local authority we are managing perform Spanish courses in collaboration with other schools in the area.

In order to stimulate the mobility of teachers, we help find suitable training courses for their needs as professionals and teachers. We monitor and support them during the process of selecting of the exchange.

The teachers who come from foreign centers, we propose them to conduct an informative talk about the functioning of their institution, to share it with teachers and students.

We are currently working on improving and reinforcing these actions, by incorporating increasingly suitable partners, by streamlining the recognition of credits, creating policy frameworks for teacher mobility and particularly, helping the students in contact with companies that can provide a productive experience. In the new degrees of short cycles, we are working on packs so students can obtain two degrees in a shorter time, optimizing the educational offer. At the first cycle studies, the transversalities and interdisciplinary studies, allow and facilitate the recognitions.

Our catalog of educational offerings and its relationship with the context, in three different languages, is found in the school website (in e-book format), where we can access in four languages:

You can also access the specific catalog Erasmus, in English, with the educational offer of the center and extensive information for foreign students.

The mobility Erasmus as well as other programs, with which our center does exchanges, encourages our best students and teachers. So, we will try to extend our demand for mobility in order to strength the relationship with the European and international field.

In our outward promotional work, we develop simultaneously the visibility of process tasks and the production of our studies, as well as exchanges and cooperation with professionals and companies.

We have two showrooms and two auditoriums where professionals and partner companies can show their activities and present their work and research.

At the moment, the Llotja School work with more than 400 Spanish companies and over 60 partner companies abroad.

Working in partnership with companies and public and private institutions has also the interest to optimize resources, as well as generate competitive incomes.

On the other hand, we are working and forging collaborations with other Schools of Art and Design and Universities (UB, UAB, UPC, etc.), both Spanish and foreigners, in addition to our partners for mobility, and at the same time with professional associations (FAD , BCD, AAVC) and organizers of major events who relate companies and training, participating in national and international shows.

Our special challenge for 2020 is to develop in a more strongly and effectively way the areas of research and innovation, related with both, our students and our professors.

In recent years, our center has been, and will continue making efforts to create frameworks for the upgrading of the teachers and creation of collaborative spaces, generating groups of research and innovation from all our professional areas.Now it’s time to develop more effectively this started work.

The main goal of our center is to increase the number of students enrolled, but especially to increase the number of graduate students and improving our educational offer. At the same time we want to increase the relationship with the labor market and open our studies to the sector companies.

Our strategies for 2020 are targeted to a more qualified growing, where research and innovation are focused on the improvement of society as a whole, in terms of social integration, sustainability and increasing the educational level of the population who concerns us.

The generation of a coherent offer adapted to the needs of society is essential in our Art and Design centers, which offer courses in constant change, not only in studies, but also in necessities and resources.

The improvement of the teaching with well designed mentoring, is giving good results, not only in the improving of the quality, but also reducing dropouts.

In order to achieve this goal, the Llotja School wants to strength the training of their teachers not only in specific academic areas but also in areas of mediation, psychology and work in group.The improvement in our offer of itineraries, adapting them to the national qualification frameworks and social needs, is a work that is being done in collaboration with the local administration.

The information of our studies through our own website, the press and the traveling lectures offered in schools and young centers, together with the work with educational institutions, cultural and leisure activities, seeks the access to groups with fewer opportunities and resources.

While scholarships and financial aid to students from lower income potential is the responsibility of the administration, we offer non-official courses and workshops (in some cases on-line) that introduce to the knowledge of our studies, offering reductions in the tuition scholarships for the underprivileged.

In our case, partial fees depend on the administration, and as well as possible, we facilitate the students the diversification in their learning process.

The use of the TICS as tools to enhance learning and to support a personalized learning, is a task we have already implemented, because our center has a huge infrastructure.

Although our 1st Cycle studies of Design (Design Degrees) are starting, at the School of Art and Design Llotja we are already working in the design of three related masters: Art Edition, sculpture and performance and contemporary Ceramics. We believe in the need to create research areas related to the new needs of the market.

We encourage students to presenting their work in contests and prizes and when we think is necessary, we help them in the financing of the work.