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The Sculpture and Sculptural Arts program provides students with the knowledge necessary to design, project and carry out sculptural creations ranging from unique artistic pieces to small-scale, handmade products or industrial-scale works.
Upon completion of the program, graduates will be qualified, among other things, to develop and direct visual merchandising and window display projects, project window displays and interiors, and direct work in the field or retail display.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be qualified, among other things, to establish the means to make their work known, analyze proposals, collaborate in planning and executing projects, coordinate work groups comprised by different specialists, study the technical specifications of the equipment in their charge and organize measures for its maintenance, analyze the technical documentation and iconography of different projects and organize the resources necessary for their execution.

Prerequisites for Admission to Advanced Vocational Training Programs

The conditions for admission and enrolment are established by the Catalan Government’s Department of Education every academic year and published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia (Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya – DOGC).

As a general rule, prospective students must:

a) Hold at least one of the following qualifications:

- Batxiller or equivalent: Advanced Level Secondary Education diploma, High School diploma, etc.
- University degree
- One of the following degrees, diplomas, certificates or accreditations: University Orientation Diploma (A-Levels) or university preparatory studies, Specialist Technician Certificate, Advanced Vocational Training Certificate, Intermediate Vocational Training Certificate or Sports Education Certificate, accreditation of having passed the general part of the admissions exam for Advanced Vocational Training or Advanced Vocational Training in Sports, accreditation of having passed all parts of the university admissions exam for those at least 25 years of age or an admissions exam to experimental professional modules.

b) Pass the specific studies part of the admissions exam.

However, regardless of Section a) above, prospective students can be admitted to Advanced Vocational Training without holding any of the academic qualifications indicated by passing both the general and specific parts of the admissions exam indicated in the corresponding Government Resolution.

To be eligible to take the general and specific admissions exams, prospective students must be at least 19 years of age, or turn 19 during the calendar year in which the admissions exam is taken, or be at least 18 and hold an Intermediate Vocational Training Certificate in Fine Arts and Design or an equivalent certificate in similar studies.

Certificate of Advanced Vocational Training in Fine Arts & Design, Specialization in Sculpture and Sculptural Arts

Professional Group:    
Sculptural Arts

Advanced Vocational Training


History of Sculptural Arts

90 hours

Artistic Drawing and Color

195 hours

Descriptive Geometry

75 hours

Volume and Projects

225 hours

Researching and Projecting Sculptures

300 hours

Artistic Wood Carving Workshop

165 hours

Artistic Stone Carving Workshop

165 hours

Artistic Casting and Molding Workshop

165 hours

Artistic Wrought Iron Workshop

165 hours

Artistic Cast Iron Workshop

165 hours

Employment Skills, Labor Regulations and Job Orientation

60 hours

Internship at a company, studio or workshop

30 hours

Final Project

75 hours

Sant Andreu


Sculptors can work as freelance professionals or in association (to different degrees) with a company or workshop.
Sculpting activities can include:

  • Execution of sculptural pieces in all sorts of materials

  • Reproduction or recreation of sculptural objects

  • Creation of ephemeral ornamental objects for installations and stage sets

  • Equipping natural or urban public space with 3-dimensional objects

  • Toys of the most varied sorts, as well as elements for street theater and other types of entertainment
    Handcrafts, folk art

  • Modular elements for ornamentation or other uses

  • Models, prototypes and other volumetric elements for architecture, urban planning, industry, advertising and graphic and industrial design.

  • Conservation and restoration of artistic and architectural heritage

  • With a Certificate in Sculpture, graduates can also continue related studies at university. See "Opportunities for Further Study".

With the Advanced Vocational Training Certificate you are eligible for the following university studies:
-Architectural Technician Studies
-Education / Teacher Training (3-year university degree or diplomatura)
-Advanced Fine Arts and Design Studies, with a qualification equivalent to a 3-year university degree or diplomatura (specializations: Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design)
-Undergraduate studies in Fine Arts (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History of Art (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Industrial Design Engineering
-Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets (specializations: Graphic Documents, Sculpture, Archeology, Painting)