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The Fashion Styling program provides the knowledge and skills necessary for designing and making clothing items and collections, use product creation and manufacturing systems, both insofar as trends and for technical applications,  and distinguish the categories pertaining to the fashion world (menswear, women’s wear, youth, children’s clothing, accessories and household decor).

Fashion styling involves, among other things, research, investigation and analysis of coming trends for the fashion sector, adaptation of trends and their presentation, coordination of styles and graphic elements in informative blocks and fashion styling orientation for fashion shows and publications in magazines.

Prerequisites for Admission to Advanced Vocational Training Programs

The conditions for admission and enrolment are established by the Catalan Government’s Department of Education every academic year and published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia (Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya – DOGC).

As a general rule, prospective students must:

a) Hold at least one of the following qualifications:

- Batxiller or equivalent: Advanced Level Secondary Education diploma, High School diploma, etc.
- University degree
- One of the following degrees, diplomas, certificates or accreditations: University Orientation Diploma (A-Levels) or university preparatory studies, Specialist Technician Certificate, Advanced Vocational Training Certificate, Intermediate Vocational Training Certificate or Sports Education Certificate, accreditation of having passed the general part of the admissions exam for Advanced Vocational Training or Advanced Vocational Training in Sports, accreditation of having passed all parts of the university admissions exam for those at least 25 years of age or an admissions exam to experimental professional modules.

b) Pass the specific studies part of the admissions exam.

However, regardless of Section a) above, prospective students can be admitted to Advanced Vocational Training without holding any of the academic qualifications indicated by passing both the general and specific parts of the admissions exam indicated in the corresponding Government Resolution.

To be eligible to take the general and specific admissions exams, prospective students must be at least 19 years of age, or turn 19 during the calendar year in which the admissions exam is taken, or be at least 18 and hold an Intermediate Vocational Training Certificate in Fine Arts and Design or an equivalent certificate in similar studies.

Certificate of Advanced Vocational Training in Fine Arts & Design, Specialization in Fashion Styling

Professional Group
Arts Applied to Apparel

Advanced Vocational Training


History of Clothing

105 hours

Textile Technology

105 hours


60 hours


60 hours

Life Drawing and its Application to Clothing

300 hours


120 hours

Computer-Aided Design

165 hours

Audiovisual Media

105 hours

Fashion Modeling

150 hours

Fashion Modeling: Styling

105 hours


390 hours

Employment Skills, Labor Regulations and Job Orientation

60 hours

Ciutat de Balaguer


Fashion stylists may work as freelance professionals or as members of a company, organization or studio.
Activities can include work relating:

  • Creating trends.

  • Business management technology.

  • Means of promotion.

  • Publicity.

  • Show business.

  • Fashion sector.

Con el título del Ciclo de Grado Superior puedes acceder a los estudios universitarios de:
-Arquitectura Técnica
-Diplomatura de Magisterio
-Estudios superiores de Artes Plásticas y Diseño con titulación equivalente a Diplomatura (Moda, Producto, Interiores, Gráfico)
-Licenciatura en Bellas Artes
-Licenciatura en Historia
-Licenciatura en Historia del Arte
-Ingeniería Técnica en Diseño Industrial
-Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales (especialidades: Documento Gráfico, Escultura, Arqueología, Pintura)