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The program in Projecting and Directing Decoration Works qualifies students to analyze, develop and carry out decorative works projects, evaluate the plastic, artistic, technical, organizational and economic aspects of each project, and investigate forms, materials, techniques and artistic processes relating to decoration.

Work in this field involves, among other things, tasks in developing and directing decoration works designed by students or by an advanced-level professional, graphically representing works, and investigating and applying forms, materials and creative processes of interior design.

Certificate of Advanced Vocational Training in Fine Arts & Design, Specialization in Projecting and Directing Decoration Works

Professional Group:
Interior Design

Advanced Vocational Training


History of Architecture and its Environment

60 hours

History of Interior Design

60 hours

Artistic Drawing

90 hours

Technical Drawing

150 hours

Volumetric Expression

120 hours

Computer and Audiovisual Media

120 hours


270 hours

Projects: Creating and Directing Projects

390 hours

Technology and Constructive Systems

120 hours

Technology and Constructive Systems: Developing Projects & Directing Works

270 hours

Programming Decoration Works

90 hours

Employment Skills, Labor Regulations and Job Orientation

60 hours

Internship at a company, studio or workshop

90 hours

Final Project

90 hours

Ciutat de Balaguer



Specialists in projecting and directing decoration works decoration may work as freelance professionals or in association with a company. Activities may relate to:

  • Decoration

  • Interior Design

  • Architecture

  • Real Estate

  • Civil Engineering

With a Certificate of Advanced Vocational Training in Fine Arts & Design, graduates can also continue related studies at university. See "Opportunities for Further Study".

With the Advanced Vocational Training Certificate you are eligible for the following university studies:
-Architectural Technician Studies
-Education / Teacher Training (3-year university degree or diplomatura)
-Advanced Fine Arts and Design Studies, with a qualification equivalent to a 3-year university degree or diplomatura (specializations: Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design)
-Undergraduate studies in Fine Arts (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History of Art (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Industrial Design Engineering
-Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets (specializations: Graphic Documents, Sculpture, Archeology, Painting)