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The Artistic Textile Printing and Dyeing program teaches students to interpret trends, create collections and design prints and dyed and/or printed textile products. Students will also learn to use systems for product development and production, insofar as trends and technical applications, and to distinguish the characteristics of the world of fashion (clothing, household products, transport and accessories).

Artistic printing and dyeing involves studying and interpreting trends for each season, carrying out projects with attention to aesthetic, technical, organizational and economic aspects, creating and coordinating print collections, assisting in collection promotional campaigns, participating in shows, salons and fairs in the textile sector, and creating fabric swatch cards and swatch books, among other things.


Certificate of Advanced Vocational Training in Fine Arts & Design, Specialization in Artistic Textile Printing and Dyeing

Professional Group
Textile Arts

Advanced Vocational Training


History of Textile Arts

105 hours

Textile Technology

60 hours


60 hours

Audiovisual Media

90 hours

Artistic Drawing

180 hours


120 hours

Computer-Aided Design

90 hours

Projects: Textile Printing

210 hours

Low-Warp Textiles Workshop

150 hours

Fabric Printing and Dying Workshop

540 hours

Textile Art and Final Product Workshop

135 hours

Employment Skills, Labor Regulations and Job Orientation

60 hours

Internship at a company, studio or workshop

60 hours

Final Project

90 hours

Ciutat de Balaguer


Code Estampacions i Tintatges Artistics

Code Bordats i rebosters

Comprèn activitats i procediments d'estampacions i tintatges artístics, realitzats com a artista autònom o associat (en grau divers) a un taller, estudi, equip pluridisciplinari o empresa i vinculades a:

  • Disseny gràfic

  • Àmbits del sector tèxtil i de la indumentària

  • Sector de l'espectacle: instal·lacions, escenografies

  • Publicacions especialitzades

  • Difusió i gestió d'obra artística

  • Assessorament i formació artisticotècnics

  • Accés universitari dins la mateixa família

With the Advanced Vocational Training Certificate you are eligible for the following university studies:
-Architectural Technician Studies
-Education / Teacher Training (3-year university degree or diplomatura)
-Advanced Fine Arts and Design Studies, with a qualification equivalent to a 3-year university degree or diplomatura (specializations: Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design)
-Undergraduate studies in Fine Arts (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History of Art (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Industrial Design Engineering
-Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets (specializations: Graphic Documents, Sculpture, Archeology, Painting)