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Dota l'alumne d'unes capacitats professionals que permeten la producció o reproducció de qualsevol tipus de peces artístiques, susceptibles de ser fetes amb les tècniques de forja de metalls.

Qui faci aquests estudis estarà capacitat, entre d'altres, per a la selecció dels procediments, les tècniques i els materials més adients per a la realització d'una forja artística; per la conservació i restauració de forges; per  fer servir amb competència els materials tradicionals i innovadors de la forja artística i per la participarció  en programes de restauració del patrimoni artístic.

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To be eligible for admission to Intermediate Vocational Training in Fine Arts and Design, prospective students must hold a secondary education diploma (junior high school, etc) or equivalent and accredit their aptitude for these studies by passing an admissions test specific to the field they wish to study.

Those who do not hold the equivalent of a secondary education diploma and are at least 17 years of age or will turn 17 during the calendar year in which the test is being taken can also be eligible for admission to Intermediate Vocational Training by passing an admissions test certifying the candidate has the sufficient knowledge and skills for entering such a program, as well as the necessary aptitudes referred to above.

Access requirements Intermediate Vocational Training in Fine Arts and Design

Access conditions and registration are issued by the Departament d'Ensenyament in each school and published in the DOGC

As interim guidance, are to jointly implement the two parts: a) i b)

a) Have any of the following qualifications:

Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education University degree, or one of the degrees and other qualifications include:

technical worker or technical training to assist professional, technical higher or technical vocational training specialists two BUP courses, accreditation of passing the test of access to training cycles through sports education training or the common entrance examination to higher-level vocational training vocational training, accreditation of overcoming try total access to college for over 25 years of passing the test of public access to experimental modules.

b) To overcome the specific part of the entrance exam.

Notwithstanding paragraph foresees a), will allow access to specific training courses average without the requirements established by overcoming common and specific parts of the test to be regulated in the corresponding resolution.

To be able to present proof of access under this course will have completed 17 years of age in the year in which testing is done up (or meet them during the year in which the test is performed).

Certificate of Intermediate Vocational Training in Fine Arts and Design, Specialization in Artistic Blacksmithing

Professional Group:
Sculptural Arts

Intermediate Level Vocational Training


History of Culture and Art: Sculptural Arts

75 hours

Artistic Drawing

150 hours

Technical Drawing

75 hours


150 hours

Materials and Technology

30 hours

Materials Investigation Workshop

120 hours

Forging Workshop

870 hours

Employment Skills, Labor Regulations and Job Orientation

50 hours

Internship at a company, studio or workshop

55 hours

Final Work

25 hours

Sant Andreu


Artistic blacksmiths may work as freelance artists or in association (to varying degrees) with a company dealing with the execution of artistic smith-work (forging), fine fixtures, reproduction or recreation of sculptural objects, embellishment of architecture and conservation and restoration of artistic heritage.

Graduates of intermediate vocational training programs are eligible for admission to advanced level secondary education (optional courses are recognized, such that students need only take foundation and specialization courses).