Career Opportunities

Sculptors can work as freelance professionals or in association (to different degrees) with a company or workshop.
Sculpting activities can include:

  • Execution of sculptural pieces in all sorts of materials

  • Reproduction or recreation of sculptural objects

  • Creation of ephemeral ornamental objects for installations and stage sets

  • Equipping natural or urban public space with 3-dimensional objects

  • Toys of the most varied sorts, as well as elements for street theater and other types of entertainment
    Handcrafts, folk art

  • Modular elements for ornamentation or other uses

  • Models, prototypes and other volumetric elements for architecture, urban planning, industry, advertising and graphic and industrial design.

  • Conservation and restoration of artistic and architectural heritage

  • With a Certificate in Sculpture, graduates can also continue related studies at university. See "Opportunities for Further Study".