'Come, Look and Vote'


Carlos Anguis Sánchez (Nivell: 2n EEES) ha estat seleccionat per al 'Come, Look and Vote', a partir d'un treball fet a l'Assignatura de Il·lustració i narrativa gràfica, amb la Montse Noguera.

Illustrations with a clear geometry in its formal aspect, generous and compact shapes, crisp and well-defined contours, contrasts. With more or less condensation of elements explain the reality with a constructive sense, fun, short, humor and amenity, but also can become poetic and meaningful. They have a modern character, loud and clear, and can be varied in the same style.

Such illustration is widely adaptable to many projects and applications.

Students of the subject Digital tools to graphic design were invited to work this type of illustration representing the "Jungle" concept, and using vector construction processes.