Industrial Model-Making and 3D Computer Modeling (Sant Gervasi) - C.F. Grado superior

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The Industrial and Model-Making and 3D Computer Modeling program qualifies students to create models as a reference in a project design or idea, and to participate in determining the form properties of objects and in verifying their viability.

This program qualifies graduates to, among other things, carry out activities relating to effecting industrial models and prototypes, recommending possible materials and finishes for products, adapting the level of information to the scale or proportion necessary for each case, and detecting the difficulties of manufacture revealed through models and prototypes.


Titulació: Tècnic Superior d'Arts Plàstiques i Disseny en Modelisme Industrial (LOGSE)

Família professional: Disseny Industrial

Nivell: Grau superior



 1r Curs

 2n Curs

 Total hores

 Història del disseny industrial

 45 h

 45 h

 90 hores

 Teoria i ciència del disseny

 90 h


 90 hores

 Ergonomia i antropometria


 75 h

 75 hores

 Dibuix del natural

 120 h


 120 hores

 Dibuix tècnic

 150 h

 60 h

 210 hores

 Disseny assistit per ordinador


 120 h

 120 hores

 Tècniques de comunicació

 120 h


 120 hores

 Materials i tecnologia

 90 h


 90 hores

 Taller de modelisme industrial

 240 h

 510 h

 750 hores

 Formació i orientació laboral


 60 h

 60 hores

 Formació pràctica en empreses, estudis o



 100 h

 100 hores

 Projecte final


 75 h

 75 hores


Seu: Sant Gervasi

Horari: Tarda

Codi: 5152

Industrial model-makers may work as freelance professionals or in association (to different degrees) with a workshop, studio, multidisciplinary team or company. Activities can relate to:

  • Industrial Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Construction

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Metalworking

  • Industrial Production

  • With a Certificate of Advanced Vocational Training in Fine Arts & Design, graduates can also continue related studies at university. See "Opportunities for Further Study".

With the Advanced Vocational Training Certificate you are eligible for the following university studies:
-Architectural Technician Studies
-Education / Teacher Training (3-year university degree or diplomatura)
-Advanced Fine Arts and Design Studies, with a qualification equivalent to a 3-year university degree or diplomatura (specializations: Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design)
-Undergraduate studies in Fine Arts (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Undergraduate studies in History of Art (Bachelor’s Degree)
-Industrial Design Engineering
-Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets (specializations: Graphic Documents, Sculpture, Archeology, Painting)