Description of Studies

Advanced Fashion Design Studies

1st year (87 credits) (phased out)
2nd year (78 credits) (phased out)

3rd year (75 credits)
- Dyes and Colorimetry (3 credits)
- Professional Environment (6 credits)
- Business Management (6 credits)
- Interdisciplinary Project (27 credits)
- Optional courses (19 credits)
- Electives (14 credits)

The internship (30 credits) can be distributed throughout one or more academic years, depending on the different programs and the availability of companies, studios or workshops.

Final Project

The deadline for submitting and defending the final project will be the first semester of the academic year following successful completion of all the courses on the curriculum for a given specialization (3 credits).
1 credit =10 class hours

Optional courses for academic year 2010-11

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