About the school

It is well known that the Erasmus Program for higher education within the European Higher Education Area is a very enriching experience, insofar as it affords participants an opportunity to enhance comprehension and capacity for cooperation and adaptation to other mindsets and lifestyles.

The importance of such bilateral mobility agreements, whether academic or employment-related, is undeniable, for they allow a social and cultural experience of great value which also improves student résumés before they enter the workforce.

EAD Llotja is aware of this, and as such, has a specific office for coordinating international contacts which offers students interested in participating, all the information they may need.

Design and Visuals Arts: An Interdisciplinary Area

EAD Llotja, as a School of higher education in Art and Design under continuous renewal and subject to intense changes arising from the introduction of new educational structures, follows a line of incorporating the new paradigms of the 21st Century, where new technologies and the study of context oblige us to work with renewed pedagogical approaches and create itineraries adapted to the new artistic and professional challenges arising, as well as new models of coexistence, with new definitions of the individual and society.

Multidisciplinarity, sustainability, new models of inter-relation and new forms of consumption are essential to advancing in an economy that greatly needs innovation and democratization of habits, with more mature formulas and products that do not seek to symbolize differences, but rather the logic of deeper identity.

The Llotja School organizes its educational offer in three conceptual areas – the visual arts, the applied arts and design – and in three curricular lines:

• Higher education under the European Higher Education Area system (Magister, Undergraduate Studies – also known as Higher Education Programs in Art – and Advanced Vocational Training Programs)
• Basic Higher Education (Intermediate Vocational Training Programs and a Preparatory Course)
• Further Studies (Intensive Courses and Workshops, Electives, Specialized Courses and Research Courses)

The EAD Llotja in figures

Students: 1359
Academic Staff: 118
4 Undergraduate Studies Programs
14 Programs of Advanced Vocational Training in Fine Arts and Design

Sant Gervasi Campus

Escola Llotja - Ciutat de Balaguer
Carrer Ciutat de Balaguer, 17
08022 Barcelona
tel: 93 4181720
fax: 93 4188608

Bus lines: 16, 17, 58, 64, 74 (Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority)
Metro: Ferrocarrils Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC, Catalan commuter rail), get off at El Putxet
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 9:30 pm. Closed in August.

Sant Andreu Campus

Escola Llotja - Sant Andreu
Carrer Pare Manyanet 40
08027 Barcelona
tel: 93 4086789, fax: 93 3409032

Bus lines: 11, 26, 34, 35, 36, 40, 126, B20, B24 (Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority)
Metro: Line 1, Fabra i Puig station (Concepción Arenal exit) - Line 5, Sagrera station - Lines 9
and 10, Onze de setembre station.
Train: Sant Andreu Arenal station (Rodalies de Catalunya, RENFE)
Campus Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 9:30 pm. Closed in August