Erasmus+ Porcellain Painting – Latvia

Estada a l'Academia d'Art de Riga (Latvia) per a 6 alumnes de ceràmica.


Dates de l'estada: 21 al 27 d'octubre de 2024
Primera edició: Woodfiring symposium - Del 3 al 11 de setembre de 2023

Altres escoles que també hi participen:

- Escola d'Art i Disseny de Wroclaw (Polònia)
- Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lituània)
- Estonian Academy of Arts.

El desplaçament i despeses entren dins la beca ERASMUS. Properament publicarem la convocatòria.

Virtual part

Virtual part - ZOOM (planned April).
Explanation: As soon as possible to inform the participants about the process -
What? Where? When? So that participants can buy tickets and book
accommodation as soon as possible at favorable prices. Hope in April students
are not yet busy with session work and can calmly focus on this project.
1) April (first week). First meeting with participants. Organizational issues.
Working location - Riga. Kiln location - Ikšikile. Possible options for living.
Apartments for rent in Riga, so that a larger group of students can live
together. Maybe the whole group from one country.
2) April (second week). Lecture, seminar. The high woodfiring technology, the
principles of the "salt-soda" technique, differences from the usual electric firing. Wood kiln construction. Ceramic materials to be used.
3) April (third week). The process of creating a work of art. Possible techniques.
The possible range of ceramic materials within the project. Homework
assignment – Create sketches for an intended work. Lecture. Discussion.
4) April (fourth week). Discussion of sketches. Recommendations regarding the
technological process.

Practical part

Symposium program:

03.09. 2023 Sunday

Participants are arriving to Latvia, Riga. Travel and boarding expenses will be covered by participants.
Accommodation in Riga – on your own decision

04.09-05.09 2023
Monday, Tuesday

Monday, 04.09 – morning
Instructions about working possibilities
Art Academy – Riga. The two days (4-5 September) you can practically work
to create your own works. At workshop you will be allowed to use pottery
wheels, as well as slab building techniques. You should bring your personal
tools, work clothes.
Working facilities:
Minimal set of materials - 5kg stoneware-shamotte for person. Other
options will be discussed in the zoom lecture in April.
At the Art Academy we have working tools for common usage: bowls,
sponges, rolling-pins, textiles material


Finishing and Drying of works. Sightseeing in the city, museums,
In the evening packing the works.

In the morning All ceramics works should be already packed. Works will be
delivered from the Academy to the summer practice place of Art Academy of
Latvia – Ikskile. Address: Kugas 11, Ikskile.
Students are going there by themselves, by public transport (bus, train, 40
min., tickets cost at around 1,70 – 2,00 euro).

Packing the kiln. Warming. Firing process:

We will make schedule on duty at kiln. Every 2 hours 2-3 participants.


Night firing is compulsory only for those participants who have signed up
at that time themselves on the firing schedule. Anyone other can sleep in
their "home place" in Riga


Firing process till evening according with firing schedule.


Cooling process of kiln

Programm in Riga - sightseeing in the city, museums, galleries


Kiln opening day in Ikšķile,
POP-UP exhibition in the yard near the kiln


packing works, moving to Riga

Monday Departure on 11.09(Monday)
or could leave also on the 10.09 evening (Sunday)


Podeu veure la convocatòria en aquest ENLLAÇ. Termini de presentació de sol·licituds fins el 30 de març.