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How can I improve my language skills?

Erasmus Students are reminded that classes are taught in Castilian and Catalan. However there are some professors who can speak English and can help the student in this language. It is advisable before choosing the subjects know their language facilities, if you have not enough proficiency in the language of the country.

There are also two optional subjects taught in English next year. There are also courses and workshops which are easier to follow without knowing the language because of the work in groups or the practical process. It is recommended, before finally choosing of the subjects, check if you have sufficient knowledge of the language.

The school does not have programs of language; however we can recommend some schools.

If you want to improve your language to be skills are recommended to do an inscription in a formal course in Spanish:

If you want to improve your knowledge of Catalan is recommended to do an inscription in CATALAN.

These courses are free.