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Theme and Call for contributions

Sustantaible Internalisation

A gathering with the aim to discuss international programs in art schools and their potential for promoting innovation, sustainability, and design. All of this is being done within the context of the 250th anniversary of the Llotja school, which aims to honor both tradition and modernity in the fields of design and art.

This institution boasts a storied history of excellence in both design and art, and we view this occasion as a unique opportunity to pay tribute to that legacy while also looking ahead to the future.

Over the gathering, we will engage with a diverse of experts, educators, and artists to discuss about trends and developments within the field. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of how art schools can best equip students to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary world, while upholding the traditions that have contributed to their enduring success.

You can propose a 30 minutes conference around the following tracks:

Topic 1: International practices and sustainable change in art and design higher education

How Art and Design schools can empower sustainable development across international mobilites? Wich is the paper of transition design? Can promote specific local challenges, such as improving the energy efficiency of building operations or promotion less polluting transport choices?

Topic 2: Local culture and art school in a global world

Bridging local and global Perspectives in Art and Design. How promote and preserve local art and culture in the context of globalization?

Topic 3: International exchanges students experiences

Participants will explore the experiences of students 


You can propose a 60 minuts workshop around the targets


Join us for a gathering of art and design academics and educators from all over Europe .

From june we welcome submissions

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