Erasmus Ceramics

The Beauty of chance

5th to 15th november 2024

Llotja Art school. Barcelona

A workshop that explores the unique ceramic language developed by two former students of Llotja – Joan Miró and Llorens Artigas.

Their work is directly related to the Japanese Mingei movement, particularly in their interaction with Hamada Shoji in the island and Barcelona.

In their different contexts, these artists shared a common understanding of the social function of ceramics and the catalan or japanese art tradition. They worked together to create global forms in a world in a transition design.

This idea is based on the “Els colors del foc” exhibition done by the MNAC museum in 2021.

Artigas and Miró 1970

What to expect

This program offers students the chance to elevate their ceramic art skills through attending conferences, visits, and practicing on clay. Each student will have the opportunity to craft their own ceramic masterpiece, which will be displayed in Llotja exhibition area the concluding day.

This short term program want to provide a global perspective on art and design while also celebrating and preserving local language and culture. We believe that through this project, we can inspire the students to create social and sustainable art in a global setting.

Participant institutions

Work plan:

  • Physical start date: 05/11/2024
  • Physical end date: 15/11/2024
  • 9 days of physical classes
  • Visits to Fundació Artigas, Fundació Miró, Acadèmia Belles arts Sant Jordi, Park Güell, City center ceramics, and Mater Gallery.
  • Workhops with active ceramist like Laia Arqueros.
  • Lectures of important Catalan ceramists and rellevant teachers of ceramics.
  • Start date virtual component: 12/06/2024
  • End date virtual component: …/10/2024
  • 4 on-line sessions
  • Number of recognised credits: 3 ECTS
  • Final exhibition and show

Supporting members (provisional):

Academic manager: Jordi Guillemí (CMI)

Additional information will be provided soon

Més informació properament

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