Erasmus Ceramics

BIP Ceramics

5 to 14 November 2024

A workshop that explore the unique ceramic language developed by two Escola Llotja alumni: Joan Miró and Llorens Artigas. We will also analyze the impact of Japanese ceramics on their works, specifically through Hamada Shōji’s creations.

An excellent opportunity for students to improve their ceramic art skills, learn about artistic inspirations, and create one own ceramic masterpiece.

This idea is based on the “Els colors del foc” exhibition held by the MNAC museum in 2021.

Participants: Escola Llotja (host), Mimar Sinan University, Art Academy of Latvia

Academic coordinator: Jordi Guillemí

Work Plan:

4 on-line sessions

8 days of classes

Supporting members (provisional): ESDAPC, Fundació Llorens Artigas, Fundació Miró, D-Hub

Additional information will be provided soon

Més informació properament

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