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Erasmus BIP in Llotja

What’s an Erasmus BIP?

These are short, intensive programmes, between three or more european institutions, that use innovative ways of learning and teaching, including the use of online cooperation.


Using local artists in global integration

At Llotja School, the proposal aims to incorporate local artists into the globalized world, reconciling regional culture with internalization. One way to achieve this goal is through various projects involving international students. To facilitate this, the school plans to host four international projects in the form of Erasmus+ blended intensive programs.

These programs will work with references from alumni at Llotja School, such as Antoni Gaudí or Joan Miró. The vision is to be inclusive, sustainable, and diverse.

Academic development

This focus went exposed during the “PIE Annual Meeting 2024” in a lecturer untitled “Using local artists in global integration” done by Jordi Guillemí, mobility coordinator of the school. You can read this her: (PDF) Using local artists in global integration. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/381253833_Using_local_artists_in_global_integration [accessed Jul 02 2024].

Work in progress

The purpose of these programs is to work with local artists who were alumni of theLlotja school, to be able to question the international and global market, highlighting local references, popular and traditional art.

At Llotja School, we have had the honor of teaching international acknowledged artists such as Gaudí, Picasso and Miró, allowing us to start from universally recognized references, with a local, sustainable, inclusive, and diverse vision.

Unfortunately due to patriarchal social realities, there are no women ofinternational relevance in this project, but artists such as Lola Anglada, illustrators such as Anna Llenas, or fashion designers such as Txell Miras can be highlighted.

Our aim is implement all this short term programs and develop new proposals.

BIPS hosted by Llotja

Actually there are three Erasmus BIP hosted by Llotja school:

The Beauty of chance

Volume and space

Sustainability in fashion

And one short term program in ESDAPC Campus Llotja:

Scenic fashion