COLLISION ZONES: opportunities for rethinking the curriculum in Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design using arts-based research

While one could argue that tradicionally artists have always engaged in research practice, we agree with Marín Viadel (1998) and Aguirre (2000) in their assessment that an expressionist and romantic paradigm is still dominant in Fine Arts educational institutions (in Spain) which works to perpetuate the myth of the individual artist-genius and conceives of research as a process of abstract, decontextualized production. In this paper we will discuss an art school that reacts against this trend, and adopts arts-based research as an experimental mode of curriculum reform. We will describe the project design and the tensions and “collisions” that have emerged thus far in its implementation.

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Judit Vidiella (Professora, University of Évora)
Rachel Fendler (PhD Candidate, University of Barcelona)
José Antonio Delgado (independent artist, curator and educator)


3rd Conference on Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research.
Conversional approache about what is and what is not Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research.
Faculty of Fine arts, University of Porto
28-30 January 2015


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